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Meet The Team

Here are some of the friendly faces you will meet when you come in to SU Lets. All of our team are happy to help!

Gemma Nicholls – Lettings Administrator
Gemma is one of the first people you will see when you come into the office. She will answer all your questions, give you any information you need, and will take your rent if you come in to the office to pay it. Gemma is also in charge of chasing you if you do not pay your rent, so make sure you pay it on time if you don’t want a stern phone call. Gemma enjoys cooking, sewing and complimenting people on their hair.

Poppy Gerard- Abbott – Lettings Assistant
Poppy is one of the most helpful people you can meet in the SU Lets office. She can tell you about the properties we have available for you to live in, will show you around the properties, will help you to understand and sign your tenancy agreement, as well as lots of other things. Poppy is a student here and knows loads about living in Colchester.

Aiden Carter – Property Manager
Aiden is your go to guy for any problems you have in your property. He works really hard to make sure that any problems you have, such as repairs that need doing, get sorted so that you have an awesome house to live in. He also knows loads of stuff about how to look after your house so you don’t need to get anything fixed in the first place. If you live in a property that SU Lets looks after it is Aiden’s job to come round and inspect the property to check that everything is OK. Aiden has two dogs and is an authority on how to make a brilliant latte!

Ruth Purvis – Lettings Manager
Ruth’s job is to make sure that SU Lets is a great place to work and that we have lots of nice properties for you to live in. She meets our landlords and anyone else she can to tell them how great we are and how much you want to live in their properties. Ruth’s favourite colour is pink and has an amazing sense of style!

Danny Benford – Assistant Accountant
Danny is the guy to speak to if there are any problems with your money. He makes sure that landlords get their rent, reads all the bank statements and pays all the bills. Danny enjoys cycling and has a massive collection of Christmas jumpers!